Apricots are in season now and like usual – i had to have them – unfortunately, they were as soft or sweet as i expected.  Apricots are expensive here at this time too.  Hopefully, soon they will be in full bloom and it will come cheaply for us.  Chloe didn’t want to eat these this time – lucky her – haahha!  Who loves apricots?  actually, i love all fruits that are soft – these days – i eat the pineapple because they are extra sweet and comes from Cuba.


  1. Margo

    Hey MB, these look more like apricots than peaches! I’m enjoying the white peaches and white nectarines at the moment….they are soooooo sweet and juicy.

  2. crunchasaurus rex

    hahahah! silly me! it was apricots. Was too tired when i wrote the post. thanks for correcting me.

  3. Princess

    apricots, watermelon, cherry — actually all kinds of fruit I love. Especially, lychee & logan — they’re so expensive here.

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