Yes! i’m still on the food we ate on our trip up to the city – Yes! we eat a lot hahahha!   and we always try and hit the Arby’s on our way back from the city – so after I bought some prenatal vitamin that a customer had asked me to get for her – we stopped by just there – afterall it was on the way back – the highway was wrong the corner.


They have a huge carpark at Arby’s – so you can always find a place to park.


Arby’s still had that special deal where you can order 6 things and only pay like $5 – so we ordered a roast beef and a ham sandwich with french fries and onion rings.


It was pretty good value for small eaters like us – the fries was of a good portion but not so much for the onion rings – but that’s alright lah – afterall, only $5  – what else do you want right – hahahah!


Chloe ate the french fries of course – and some ham from the ham sandwich but not the bun.  And I – I had sushi – hahahah!! that i had bought from Halifax Shopping Center Food Court – not the same as the previous one we went to for Sukiyaki.


And a mandatory daddy and daughter’s pose.  You know sometimes – i regret putting up personal pictures of PB & Chloe – why?  because when I write about food – it’s about enjoying the food and to introduce the different food I’ve tried and cooked.  But some people can be so ignorant and shallow – in this small town  (luckily for us – there are only a few – very few) – I almost feel bad for them – for behaving the way they did (like my dead grandmother would say – like an  uneducated loafer).   I write because I enjoy food – I write because I’m entitled to my opinion – if you don’t like what i write – too bad for you  –  see that “X” at the corner of this page – yes! that one – learn how to use it.  By the way – I have very low bullshit tolerance.


  1. frances

    I enjoy reading your food blog, it is extra nice to see photo of Chloe’s smiling face! The Arby’s sign & building looks extractly samw like here… too bad, we don’t have the special deal… but i love their curly fries! 🙂

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