As you all know, Chloe had been going to Grammie’s on her own since March break – it gives us a little time to do our things, look for MP3 players that i wanted for gifts for the kids in school.  Plus it gives her plenty of sunshine and undivided attention from her Grandparents and Aunt Helena.  But what’s most delightful for Chloe is the baking she does with her Grammie.


So recently, Chloe and her grammie baked a coconut based cake the other day and she was mighty proud of it and was determined to eat it the night she came back.  We had to hold off because it was already late that night, she didn’t fuss much but we did give her some the next night and she was delighted.


Yes! we control her sugar intake because firstly, i’m diabetic and secondly – I don’t want her to be only full of sugar inside and no properly nutrition.  What about you?  how much sweets do you allow your kids..?? i have seen some kids have like a whole bar of chocolates or a lot of pizzas or candy bars or lollies.


  1. MeiPY

    Wow, such a lovely and colourful cake! I’m a junk food addict, but I do eat my veg 🙂

  2. Nope, Sethy has yet to taste a lollipop/ sweet. Chocolate yes, but only a little bit. A big nono to Coke as he finds it too ‘spicy’ , hahaha!

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