3 weeks ago – PB came back to the store after sending Chloe to her grammie’s – and told me that there was a charity BBQ at our local bank – well the Bank Of Montreal to be exact.  And since we bank with the Bank Of Montreal – of course, we have to go show some support.


They were BBQing hotdog and there were chips and drinks too.  Now the charity BBQ – you can get a hotdog, a pop and a bag of chips – now the awesome thing was – you can give any amount you like.


I would have preferred the real sausages like the ones  – we can get at the Farmer’s Market in Sydney or  Eumundi Smokehouse  @ North Sydney Farmer’s Market – YumS!  but this will have to do for that day.


PB had a hotdog too and a bag of chips – i only had the hotdog which wasn’t bad at all – but warming up the bread would be awesome – but tis’ for charity – so it was really nice to see the staff of the Bank Of Montreal out doing their bit.   Well done !  Bank Of Montreal!

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