PB bought this Black & Decker steamer for me like 2 0r 3 Christmases ago – and this was the first time I’ve used it.  Why?  too busy to steam things to eat lah – other times – i just use a bigger pot, put in water – and another bowl and steam away.  Why in the world i did not use this – i cannot understand it myself – because this must be the best thing I’ve had  – i kid you not – it’s cheap – it’s easy to use and easy to wash too.


What prompted me to use the steamer?  it’s these paus – that we had bought from Halifax a few week – a month ago.  You see normally i use the pot method and the pau always turned out like horrid – all soggy and wet – not edible – so with these paus – i suddenly thought – why not.  And this i’ll have to say – was the best decision I’ve made with the kitchen.


The paos turned out awesome – and i’ve been using it for steaming dumplings and other stuff – I’ll attempt to do steam fish really soon.  Wish me luck!   Oh – those were “tau sa” paos – if you were wondering.

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  1. Mmm…the paos look yummy. I have a similar steamer and guess what? I hardly use it too. I always use the pot and add some water to steam. I guess it’s because there are too many things to wash when you are done compared to a pot/wok. Plus, you have to keep the steamer real dry after washing to prevent rust or something like that 🙂

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