I have been having a craving for croissant of late and don’t want my regular rye bread nor the walnut and raisin that I have for breakfast.  So when we were out shopping  for a  Panerai with my best friend one day – and saw these incredibly looking delicious croissant – i just had to try/buy them.


Sorry that my mind was more on food than the Panerai – afterall, the croissant is much cheaper – hahhaha! but you see my g/f is crazy about the Panerai and she even have a club for it – I kid you not!   Anyhow, PB sharpen a knife for me just so i can split the croissant nicely and it was awesome – i toasted the croissant and slapped on some chicken salad and tomatoes on it and i had an awesome and filling breakfast.   Some said that eating croissant often isn’t good but it sure tasted good to me.. hahahaha!!  how many of you like croissants?  the other day – they didn’t have the cheese ones no more..   but had the whole wheat type.  So I went over to the bakery and asked them..  “excuse me, do you have the croissants that would make me fat and give me lots of cholesterol ? hhahaha!!”  In which the baker just laughed and replied – “no – sorry – you have to stay healthy for now” hahahahh!!!   I love people with a good sense of humor – don’t you?   Life is too short – be happy!

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  1. MeiPY

    Heheheh, some supermarkets they sell a light buttered version – but I believe they are all the same. Never tried a cheese croissant before… Yummy!

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