I haven’t eaten KFC’s chicken bowl for a long time now – but once in a while – I would indulge and eat them – it’s a lot of food for the price we are paying – I think $3 something if i am not wrong.  I don’t know if you have this in Asia – but the chicken bowl comes with mashed potatoes at the bottom – kernel corn – lots of cheese and a bowl of gravy on the side – just the way i liked it.


I’ve always liked the KFC here – unlike the ones back home – they are very generous here – and gives you all sorts of condiments that you need.  And i’ve always had good service at the KFC here –  and we do have buckets of chicken with PB’s family during special occasions and the next one coming up will be Father’s Day – so you can expect us have some greasy chicken soon. When did you last have KFC?


  1. we don’t have this over here but we have other stuff. Like wraps, chicken popcorn and etc. i remember that the chicken and coleslaw in canada taste differently compared to msia

  2. The KFC in the Netherlands is real bad, they don’t even serve mashed potatoes, and the coleslaw sucks big time too!

  3. shirley loo

    wow…looks yummy leh…envy envy!!! we sure dun hv such menu in m’sia loh ;-( if i ever pay a visit to ur country, i’ll make sure i indulge thr hehe 😉

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