We don’t have a Dunkin Donuts, we don’t have a Krispy Kreme nor do we have a famous donuts from LA or J. Co Donuts from Kuala Lumpur or Big Apple Donuts or The Famous Berry Donut Van in Sydney or a Paris Baguette in Korea or Donut Cafe in Shinbuya BUTTTTTT!!!  we do have a Tim Hortons!!!!! woohoo!!!


And they are mighty cheap if you buy them by the dozen – plenty to choose from – i usually let them pick whatever they want to give me – because i never eat them – not that they are not good – but because i’m diabetic – but they are sure good gifts for the doctor’s office – or the outlaws – or when you go visiting a friend for coffee in the afternoon.  A dozen of donuts are like $6.00 – so cheap, cheap right but remember if you buy one at a time they are like $.84 cents or there about.   Tim Hortons are very popular with the Canadians but not so much for the States – how I know?? I’ve been to the States many times.. and if you compare the choices they  have in the states.. you would know why.


  1. MeiPY

    I love a good donut. Custard-flavoured is my fave! Strawberry jam is next in line…

  2. soofen

    DONUT my all time ‘lover’! Never tried Tim Hortons before as this is the first time I heard about it unfortunately… Krispy-Kreme Donut is the famous one in London I think… Despite all the famous brands, the best donut that I love is actually those sell on a van we got when we were once children… miss it!

  3. laura

    I Have travelled all around the world, and have tried many DONUTS, yes i have tried Tim hortons and they are very nice. But i would have to agree with soofen, The Berry famous Donuts are the best donuts i have ever tasted. And dont worry i miss them to!

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