When we were up in the city in early May – I bought some Frozen Durian – you see they don’t have it all the time – even if i lived up in the city.  So when i saw it at Tian Phat up in Bedford way – i grabbed it.   So i do get to eat durian periodically – and i feel bad that i have to eat it inside the house – because you and I know that even though we love the smelll – the “ang mohs” well, it needs getting used to.


The frozen durian isn’t as good as the real one of course – but beggars cannot be choosers right?  so yes – it was pretty good – but this time – i saved some for Chloe’s grampie because I dare him – hahahahha!!! and he was quite sporting about it and ate some – and liked it.  But it did stink up the whole house – hahhaha!!  and guess what i had to do –  after grampie tasted durian??  i had to touch a CATTTT!!!!!  hahhaha!!!  all in good fun..!  all in good fun!


  1. Chef Cindy

    OoO I love those…hahaha If u come to NYC I treat u to eat those, n we will eat it outside my big yard, so it won’t stink up the inside of the house…hahaha

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