Hum Choy Tofu Soup is currently one of my favorite soup – why?  because besides the lotus root soup – this one is also pretty successful.  In fact, i think i might just have mastered it – with tomatoes and ginger now added and tofu a well – it’s a perfect soup if only the brat would eat some hum choy.  Hum Choy also known as pickled mustard is a great buy because it is so saltish and can be kept for a long time before you cook them.  I missed Mui Choy Soup and Mui Choy Kau York but alas, I never ever found Mui Choy anywhere around here.

I remember when i was a kid – my mom didn’t like cooking this soup – because she said it was very “leong” – not good for the boys at home.  But here during the summer – i think it’s one of the best kinda soup.  This soup is so cheap and so easy to cook, everyone should have them at least once a month if not more.  What kind of soup would you think is the most nutritious, cheap and easy to cook…??  share your recipe with me can..??


  1. Jane

    i would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me to watch mol with you. its getting too excited!! if you can link me to the pw & website where ican either stream but preferably dl the last two episode would be great! thank you once again!!

  2. Cass

    Watercress soup! Not sure if you can get watercress, but if you can, it’s so good and sweet(naturally, no sugar added).

    I blanch about a lb. of pork bones to get all the gross stuff out. Then put in pot with cold water. When it starts to boil, I throw in the watercress (usually about 2 lbs or so), carrots, and some red dates. Also, if you can get some dried duck gizzards to add, that’s good, too. It takes maybe 2 hours at the longest. My mom told me not to over boil this type of soup. This soup is also “lerng” and perfect for summer.

  3. mary wong

    Though I used to love this soup but I cannot take ‘hamchoy’ and tomatoes , gives me backache (foongsap nowadays.

    I just had this recipe from my cousin in HongKong when I was there last week,she used to boil this very often so I am sharing it with you.

    8 pcs of dried fig (mo-fa-goh)
    10 pcs of american ginseng (soak and slice into pieces)
    duck gizzard dried 2 pieces

    Boil 3 hours

  4. shirley loo

    my favourite soup as well!!! anything tat is salty hahahaa… i really like this soup but can never succeed loh (already tried twice though)…so gave up jor! so, whenever i feel like drinking this soup i jz go down n buy frm stall…

    as for my ‘lung sau soup’ is corn soup lah, very easy – corn on cob 1 pc (big), carrots (2 pcs), water chestnut (few), sum kei chi & pork of coz 😉

  5. shirley loo

    ohh .. n sorry tat i left out 1 ingredients i.e onions!! …. 😉 can add some dried longan oso if you like..

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