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We don’t usually eat Mcdonalds for breakfast – not because it isn’t tasty but I’ve eaten so much of it when i first came to Canada – kinda “jialat” (tired) – if you know what i mean.  But every now and then I would – want it outta the convenience because most likely i need to cook two meals that morning.  One for the lunch for Chloe and then make soup as well for dinner.


Many moons ago, i would always order the big breakfast – but after coming to Canada – i usually order the sausage Mcmuffin without the eggs and a hasbrown.  But once in a while i like to change taste and order something else unlike PB – he likes eating only hot cakes all the time – so boring hor.


So a few weeks ago, when we didn’t get to do much shopping the last week, i decided i want Mcdonald’s so that we didn’t have to go to Sobeys and get breakfast stuff instead.  I had hotcakes and sausage – no hasbrown this time – coz’ i won’t be able to finish it.  I asked PB what he wanted and he said “nothing” .. and then when we got home – he wanted to share my breakfast..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   can die or not..????  not that i won’t share it – mind you .. but had he told me.. he wanted to share – i would have gotten a hash brown too … MENNNN!!!  so in the end i didn’t eat enough – afterall – i had planned to have 2 pieces of hotcakes and the sausage but instead i only gotten 1 hotcake and a sausage for breakfast.  Really !! mennn!!!  is your man this way too..??  or is it just mine..????  almost like got gold in his mouth!!! MANNNN!!!


  1. Comment by T — June 29, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

    oooo.. just can’t wait to have breakfast already!!!

  2. Comment by shirley loo — July 3, 2010 @ 11:42 am

    same thing with sri … sum of the times, when i tapao…he’ll say dont want coz diet all … but when i makan tat time, he’ll ask for few scoops LOL …

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