We don’t usually eat Mcdonalds for breakfast – not because it isn’t tasty but I’ve eaten so much of it when i first came to Canada – kinda “jialat” (tired) – if you know what i mean.  But every now and then I would – want it outta the convenience because most likely i need to cook two meals that morning.  One for the lunch for Chloe and then make soup as well for dinner.


Many moons ago, i would always order the big breakfast – but after coming to Canada – i usually order the sausage Mcmuffin without the eggs and a hasbrown.  But once in a while i like to change taste and order something else unlike PB – he likes eating only hot cakes all the time – so boring hor.


So a few weeks ago, when we didn’t get to do much shopping the last week, i decided i want Mcdonald’s so that we didn’t have to go to Sobeys and get breakfast stuff instead.  I had hotcakes and sausage – no hasbrown this time – coz’ i won’t be able to finish it.  I asked PB what he wanted and he said “nothing” .. and then when we got home – he wanted to share my breakfast..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   can die or not..????  not that i won’t share it – mind you .. but had he told me.. he wanted to share – i would have gotten a hash brown too … MENNNN!!!  so in the end i didn’t eat enough – afterall – i had planned to have 2 pieces of hotcakes and the sausage but instead i only gotten 1 hotcake and a sausage for breakfast.  Really !! mennn!!!  is your man this way too..??  or is it just mine..????  almost like got gold in his mouth!!! MANNNN!!!


  1. shirley loo

    same thing with sri … sum of the times, when i tapao…he’ll say dont want coz diet all … but when i makan tat time, he’ll ask for few scoops LOL …

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