Normally, I’m not opposed to buying pre-packed sushi – but the ones sold locally at the grocery store – definitely is not sushi.  Why?  the rice of the sushi is very important – even if they were only vegetarian sushi – the rice still needs to have some kind of standard.  So when these sushi first appeared at the local supermarket – i was quite happy but very quickly turned into great disappointment.  The thing is this – for me – i’ve eaten sushi from Japan and all over the world and you and I know these are not sushi.  But for those who never had sushi – these sub-standard ones – definitely would turn anyone off.


If you looked closely at this picture – you look at the rice – it’s like our congee frozen together.  I really feel bad for those people here who may think that – that is sushi.  Real sushi is awesome and if anyone wants real sushi – try Halifax pleaseeeee..!!!  donch buy the ones in your local grocery store here.  And No ! i’m not running anyone’s business down but giving my honest opinion – everyone is entitled to one and if you don’t agree with me – that’s your prerogative – no one forced you to read my reviews.  What about you?  would you tell everyone you know if the food wasn’t the right kind of taste or if the food isn’t up to what your expect..??


  1. Chef Cindy

    Go Sushi, Man that sushi is so BOOTLEG..hahaha Let’s have a sushi party at my house, Tell Chloe she can help me roll. 🙂

  2. Roto

    Chicken BLT salad was huge and delicious, i wanna to try…

    Thanks. i wanna watch it so badly!

    Can i have the password, please…

    Someday Episode 23-27.
    When Lanes Merge Episode 13-16.
    Pillow Case of mysteries Episode 4-7.

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