To most people this package of thing is nothing special – in fact I’m sure – one can get it anywheres in the West – those living where there are Asian Grocery Stores – but if you show this to an “ang moh”   – they would wanna know what does this black thing that looks like some piece of big booger is.

I never thought i would missed preserved plum but not having it for 10 yrs or more well, i do like them now – hahahh!!  And i was eating one everyday and just finished it today.  Yums!  but Chloe nor PB wouldn’t wanna have anything to do with it.  Again, I found this at the new Asian Grocery store – so it was pretty awesome!  next time i’m gonna get more.  I know Jenn from – had offered to get me some – and i had said no no to her good intentions – you see what i was missing – so never refused a good offer eh.  So when was the last time you had preserved plums?

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  1. charlene

    Mmm… yum!! I’ve not had these in a while. My mum always used to buy these, always thought they looked disgusting but once you taste them it’s delicious!

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