Yes – i love these heart/blood clogging sausages !! i can’t helped myself – better if BBQ and comes with a stick, and it’s a good thing – i only eat it once in a blue moon and only at PB’s parents place – because they don’t mind cooking it up for me.  Plus it’s nice to have someone to share these sinful sausages with because PB and Chloe won’t eat them – but i think Richard wasn’t in that day – so only grampie helped me eat some.


Love to have them all burned up – what about you?  how often do you eat these sinful sausages?   Summer is almost here – i can’t wait to go to some awesome BBQs of friends and family.

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  1. Chef Cindy

    Those looks good, I only eat those when there’s a italy fair in China town Manhattan , They make some good sausages. And with a glass of pina colada ur good to go. <3

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