You all know that when we are up in the city – we try and get the kind of food we can get in this small town – this summer – we plan to make more trips not only to the city – but i look forward to our trip to Toronto as well.  Hopefully, we can get to meet not only family up in Toronto but friends too.  Kim, Jenn, Christie, Mrs Chan and PC – make sure you slot us into your summer plans and of course not forgetting to get my best friend some  best fat burning exercise for this winter.


We chose Sukiyaki because it is the kind of food that Chloe would eat – fried udon and I really wanted to eat Gyoza  – a japanese fried dumplings with vinegar


The fried udon came with chicken and the gyoza came with fried vegies – so a perfect but light lunch.


PB had some too – so it was 2 plates of food for 3 of us.  I missed food courts because back home they are cheap, fast and good.  I’m sure everyone from home will agree with me.


Even Chloe gave 2 thumbs up for the food at the food court.


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