When you have a kid like I do – you want to give them the best – in terms of everything.  Food is what we cannot go without and as parents, we want to feed our kids well – not just any kind of food but healthy ones.  And every summer – we buy freezies and pops that are either premade with lots of sugar or ingredients that we are reluctant to let Chloe eat.

So I’ve decided to buy this Zoku Quick Pop Maker instead, it’s not only easy – it’s definitely something every parents would want.   It’s so easy to make your own pop- your kids can even help with it.  Use all the real and good ingredients and never have to worry about your kids having too much sugar in their body, plus it’s definitely good for diabetics like myself.   A good investment at $49.95 – shipping was free too.

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  1. shirleyloo

    great investment!!! really great for a family indulgement after dinner time eh?? yes to DIY!! 😉

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