When we were up in the city – we found a new grocery store – Asian one of course  –  in Queen Street – so instead of going to the old one – we decided to check this one out.  It is a pretty neat and clean store – and guess what we found – WINTER MELON!! woohoo!!  so i bought a piece – in fact i should have bought a bigger piece – I’ll know the next time.

So came home from the city and slow cooked winter melon soup with chinese mushrooms, dried scallops, wolfberries, red dates – and of course pork, then slow cooked it for 4 hrs. Result – yummy yummy soup!  ahhhh!!  blisssssfulness!  Chloe loves the soup too – and I wished we can get more winter melons here but alas as you all know – they only have it in the city.


  1. Cass

    Did you know that if you buy a whole wintermelon and not cut it open, it’ll last for weeks and not go bad? Once you cut it, though, then yes, you’ll have to eat it soon. Hubby’s family grows wintermelon and gives us a ton and we can’t eat it all at once so we just leave it out. Maybe you can buy a small one and keep it on hand for a few weeks. Wintermelon is good for you and since summer is coming and weather is getting hot, you can make wintermelon soup with pork bones to counteract the heat. 😉

  2. shirleyloo

    wahhh…makes me wanna do the soup oso!!! thanks MB for sharing such goodness 😉

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