A Bagel With Egg Salad

It had been a very busy morning for us this morning – i didn’t even have time to sit and eat till almost 11.15am.  You see  this morning – we had some big shot  from out of town  come over to pick up the 55  Mac Pro  that they had ordered from us for the … [Read more…]

Organic Cherries

Don’t look like cherries right? but they are and very sweet too! yes – they came out of chloe’s grandparents’ garden from a few weeks ago. I had tried one or two – when we went to pick chloe up from her visit like 3 – 4 weeks ago.  Most cherries are bigger and red … [Read more…]

Chinese Combos

I never thought i would have so much fun with combos – since we don’t have combos back home – in a real chinese restaurant back home – combos are not in the menu whatsoever.  It is very popular though in the west – not only in Canada but in USA and UK as well. … [Read more…]

Fresh Strawberries

We were out to Dayton on Sunday a few weeks ago  – getting plastic bags for the store – because our supplier didn’t have any in stock at the moment, plus i also wanted to see the lady at the drug store to ask her how to treat acne for my dear niece from home. … [Read more…]