Beef Stew & Bee Hoon

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Frozen Food,My Musing | Friday 30 July 2010 11:17 am


PB had made some beef stew during the weekend – but as usual – they never eat too much of the stock – so like any smart Asian – we keep the stock frozen – till we need it.  Afterall, the beef stew was slow cooked in a slow cooker for 6 hrs with carrots, potatoes, peas, onion and lots of beef  – yummy!   We never use MSG in our food – so everything is pretty wholesome and PB does make a very good pot of beef stew.  So like any smart Asian – what do we do with the yummy stock ?  we make beef beehoon!!!  for lunch a few days later – yummy, easy and pretty healthy if i may say so myself – put a bit of sambal oelek – heavennnn!!  when you are living overseas and can’t get the food that you can get easily at home – you do what you know best – improvised.

A Bagel With Egg Salad

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,My Musing | Thursday 29 July 2010 11:16 am


It had been a very busy morning for us this morning – i didn’t even have time to sit and eat till almost 11.15am.  You see  this morning – we had some big shot  from out of town  come over to pick up the 55  Mac Pro  that they had ordered from us for the call center’s on-the-road employees.   So when we finally opened store at 11.15am – i was finally able to get over to Tim’s to order some breakfast.   I had been on the craving for cheese for some unknown reason – and the gals suggested some egg salad with my cheese croissant – but i didn’t want cheese croissant coz’ i have croissants at home and had them last nite – sinful!


So the gals suggested a cheese bagel with egg salad instead – but look !! they gave me lots of vegies!!!  they must know i’m a vegie freak!!  lol!! love the gals and the only handsome guy at Tim’s !!    if you know him – you would love him !!  he has perfect skin!! and perfect color hair.   Anyhow – food was great.. and if you haven’t tried this combination – go ahead and try it – i had a really good breakfast that last for hours.  I know a bagel loving and shopping queen who would love to sink her teeth into this bagel – hahhahaah!!!   Going for some wild mushroom soup this weekend.

A Caesar Salad & A Chicken Wrap

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Vegies | Wednesday 28 July 2010 10:44 am


You all know how i love my vegies and crave for them right?  so whenever i can I would ask for a salad – but there are some places that makes good salad like Jungle Jim’s and Pizza Delight.  As you can see – i never ask them for the dressing in my salad – why?  because I don’t need the extra calories – so i only deep some of the vegies i eat into the dressing – but I love eating vegies on its own – so it is not even a big deal if I don’t eat them with dressing.


I also ordered a wrap with lots of vegies for lunch and wholewheat – to make it a even healthier lunch.  Yums!  It was a little too much for me – so I had to save half the wrap for another meal.

Quail Eggs

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review | Tuesday 27 July 2010 12:37 am


When i was younger or back home in Singapore – i used to love Quail Eggs.  I had often asked my mother when i was young – why she wouldn’t cook quail eggs instead of chicken eggs.  Not because they tasted any different – not to me anyhows – but they are just too cute.  Don’t you think so too?  I think not many over here had seen quail eggs – i had bought them like in May when i was up in the city and only took them out to eat because they were gonna expire soon.


I had them with my curry noodles and it was alright but one thing for sure – darn hard work to try and peel off the shell.  Now i understand why my mom wouldn’t cook quail eggs – hahahha!   I find quail eggs taste a wee bit different – what do you think..?? do you like quail eggs or regular ones..?

Spaghetti With Italian Meatballs

Posted by mamabok | Baking,Canadian,Food Review,Pasta,Western | Monday 26 July 2010 12:26 am


A few weeks ago – we had baked spaghetti supreme from Pizza Delight – this time – we wanted spaghetti too but with the italian meatball instead with extra mushrooms – because the brat didn’t wanna eat cheese.  They didn’t charge us any extras for the extra mushrooms and it was such an good meal – Chloe and I ate and still had some leftovers for the next day.


We paid like $8 for the take out meal – and it was really good – the sauce was rich and most importantly even chloe loved it.  Don’t be deceived by the small looking container because they were packed so full – it was like me eating for $3.50 and Chloe $2.00 portions with another $2.50 leftover for the next day.  As usual the service was quick and we were outta the restaurant within 15mins.

Special Spring Rolls From Halifax

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,My Musing,Shopping,Useful Links | Friday 23 July 2010 5:39 pm


We had actually gone over to Auntie Su Lee’s at Lam’s Book Store for some of her spring rolls but instead – she gave us these special spring rolls she bought from Halifax.  You see they had a friend from out of town who is into bird watching and needed a get some binoculars and while the boys were out shopping for  them – she had gone to chat with a friend who owns a grocery store up in Halifax and were selling these special spring rolls.


She had handed over the spring rolls to PB to bring them back to me – and didn’t charge us – so the next time i went over – i had asked her about these special spring rolls with mushrooms in them – but alas, they were not for sale.  The ones that Su Lee made were smaller but more in a packet for $10 – wherelse, this ones were less but bigger.  Both had different taste and I didn’t mind it at all.  So the next time they are up in Halifax – looking for my bird watching equipments – they said they would get some more for me.  So kind right?   So yes!   there are awesome people around us – so for those from home – don’t worry about us here eh.

Deli Counter @ Sobeys

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Friendship,My Musing,Western | Thursday 22 July 2010 1:20 pm


We love the deli staff at the deli counter of Sobeys – why? because they are really, really nice to us.  Not only do they give us our chicken in plastic containers like we requested – they always say ” you have a nice day now!”  irregardless – if they were busy with another customer or doing something else like cleaning or cooking – they always acknowledge us when we are there.

A few weeks ago – we had bought a chicken that was very dry and the brat just wouldn’t eat it – i really donch blame her – because it was dryer than my grandmother’s skin – hahahha!!  bless her soul !  anyhow – we went back the next day and bought another one and had told the one of the ladies there what happened – she offered a free chicken to us!!  actually, i told her not because i wanted a free chicken but to make conversation and really just wanted to know – how did that quarter chicken get so dried up – for usually they are nice and juicy (we eat them immediately).

Anyhow – we are grateful -therefore – because of these lovely ladies and guys there except one – we only shop at Sobeys deli counter – and never at the competitions. It’s nice to be taken care of and to be acknowledge – and yes – because of these lovely people we shop like 95% at Sobeys – they always know how to make us feel special.

Singapore Curry Prima Taste

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Food From Home,Food Review,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 21 July 2010 11:41 am


Singapore Curry from Prima Taste – all the way from home – came last year from UK – from a fan of this blog – thank you very much – Sherry.  I was craving bad for curry – awaiting for the laksa package from Jenn – in Toronto – she was so kind and sent me some – finally i went searching in my pantry and found this.  Thank God!!! i said.. and PB must have been relieved hahahah!!  when i crave for something from home – i get all crazy.


The thing about Prima Taste is – they have everything in the box for you – all the condiments and everything you need to cook – well, except for the meat.  So i don’t have to worry if i don’t have coconut powder or extra chilli sauce – i just have to dump everything into the pot and cook – no need for chicken stock like the other packages – from another brand.  In other words – expensive – but really easy to make.


So i started cooking –  and it really took less than 20 mins – no prep time or anything – but i wished i had some tau pok and some bean sprouts but never mind lah – eggs and chicken also can.


So i had some beehoon and the curry and chicken and yums!!   I cannot tell you how much blessing this blog has brought me – not only do i get to work online and anywheres i am – make money – but most importantly – i’ve met so many wonderful, wonderful selfless people.  There are good people in this world – you just need to look out for them.  Have you met any wonderful people of late?  if you have – did you say thank you for being my friend and being there for you.  So here – i take this opportunity to thank all my friends – online and offline – thank you for being such wonderful friends – for the last 7 years – yes! that’s how long i’ve been blogging and you know who you all are.

Cheddar Cheese Bagel @ Tim Hortons

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Canadian,Fast Food,My Musing,Western | Tuesday 20 July 2010 2:59 pm


I was kinda curious as to how a cheddar cheese bagel would taste – so last month when i didn’t have time for breakfast from waking up late – i decided to order this instead of my regular – cinnamon raisin bagel with light cream cheese.  Verdict – it was pretty rich and it has a rich taste of cheese – that’s for sure – in fact i find that the cheddar cheese bagel was a lot more filling than my regular one.  And the girls at Tim’s told me that if i were to order a BLT with this bagel – it would be the same price at $3.39.


So here you have it – light cream cheese on Cheddar Cheese bagel and for someone who is not into cheese – i have to say i do like it.  So if you are in Canada – do try it – and don’t forget to tip the gals on the counter – you can tip them you know – if you appreciate the coffee they make for you everyday.

Chicken BLT Salad From Wendy’s

Posted by mamabok | Fast Food,Food Review,Health,My Musing,Vegies,Western | Monday 19 July 2010 2:04 pm


When one eats a chicken BLT salad from Wendy’s – is it still consider as fast food?  hehe!   well, i was feeling kinda hungry after a small lunch one day – so i had asked PB to go get me something somewhat healthy – so he went to get me some salad.   But on Wendy’s website it said they had the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad but when PB arrived at the drive- thru’ they said nope – they didn’t do it but Macdonald’s does *roll eyes*.   I won’t be very happy if i was the owner of Wendy’s hahhaha!!!  it’s like us telling people to go to Staples to get computers or computer repairs.


The chicken BLT salad was huge and yummy! i was craving for greens like a cow – hahahha!  i think i ate the vegies first before finishing the chicken.  But the chicken was hot and tender – really yummy and i felt really good eating so much greens.


The cherry tomatoes were heaven !!  a customer who was in that day asked me – where’s your dressing?  did they forget to give you some?  Nah – i don’t take dressings in my salad – how to keep healthy leh – when you dump in like a bowl of dressing into your salad?  10 yrs ago an employee of ours who was on diet had the same salad – and guess what? she had 2 bowls of thousand island dressing – in her salad – i had told her – she might as well have a steak – that wouldn’t be that harmful for the body – as that much dressing.  LOL!  but she insisted that she was trying – so i didn’t say anymore.  Salads are awesome – good for the skin – good for digestion – and good for keeping healthy – but if you eat them with that much salad dressing – then it just defeats the purpose eh.  But I’m no expert – so donch listen to me now – do what pleases your body and your taste buds.

Organic Cherries

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fruits,My Musing,Organic,Vegies | Friday 16 July 2010 12:02 am


Don’t look like cherries right? but they are and very sweet too! yes – they came out of chloe’s grandparents’ garden from a few weeks ago. I had tried one or two – when we went to pick chloe up from her visit like 3 – 4 weeks ago.  Most cherries are bigger and red in color but these ones are orangy – i didn’t really asked why – but they are cherries alright.  I am guessing that cherries has got different kinds too.

Greco Summer Deals

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Pizzas,Useful Links | Thursday 15 July 2010 2:30 pm


I don’t usually eat Pizza but if I do – I eat from Greco’s mostly and Pizza Delight as well.  PB on the other hand would eat a slice of pizza every now and then from a local place near our store – a customer from the states  but residents here for the summer, had  joke about needing NC health insurance if they were to  eat from that place .  Fortunately for us  here in Canada – Canada citizens are entitled to free medical service insurance but while I am at it – let me clear this – seeing the doctor is free but medication isn’t eh – still gotta pay!


Love Greco – because they are very accommodating – and pretty quick most days – very rarely do they take more than 15 mins to get your order together.   And since they have the crustless promotion – PB and I decided to try some – and also if you didn’t know this – lately – ive been having a chicken wing craze.


So when i saw this deal for $9.99 – for a 9″ pizza and 6 chicken wings – I had to get it lah!  We ordered mushroom, pepperoni and bacon bits for our pizza topping and look at the cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  yummy or what..!!!


My wings with garlic sauce on the side – yummy!!  despite that it was small – but still good lah.   By the way – i saw a customer of ours eating a slice of pizza from Jessy’s the other day – and it was huggggggggeee..!!! and looked really yummy – so not all slice pizzas are like cardboard ok – the ones at Jessy’s seems really yummy – this week alone – i saw 2 persons eating Jessy’s slice pizza .. and they were massive..!!!!   I told PB we would have to give it a try…!! anyone out there tried it..??  in the meantime – the Greco deal came with a can of pop too..!!   Burp!

Mangoes From Toronto

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Chinese,Food From Home,Health,Meet Up With,Useful Links | Wednesday 14 July 2010 11:50 am


We may not live in Toronto but our friends/customers who are there always bring back food for us from there or blogging friends from Toronto and Vancouver always send stuff to us – like Jenn and Stephanie.  Su Lee from the book store was in Toronto about a month ago – she had said she wanted to bring back some noodles for chloe but i joked with her that i prefer some fresh durian – hahhahaha!!  Su Lee didn’t bring back durian when she came back because they weren’t in season – but she brought us some mangoes & persimmons  – full of vitamins she said just for dear Chloe.   We are so blessed – friends/customers do take care of us – a lot!  by bringing back food and fruits and even durian – which Su Lee did one year – from Halifax – she is very, very awesome!   Everytime, Chloe goes to the bookstore – she offers a free book for Chloe – they are too sweet to her.

Chinese Groceries @ SuperStore Yarmouth

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,My Musing,Useful Links | Tuesday 13 July 2010 3:56 pm


A month and a half ago – we were out shopping at the local supermarket here and to our surprised – pleasant one – of course to find that they are carrying more food from home. Woohoo!!  i was all excited of course – so Jenn, Lina and Barb  – if you are reading this – no need to send me chinese noodles no more – they have it here  – woohoo!!!   I was so excited about it – i stopped reading about how to treat acne when i got home – and called my girlfriend from home to let her know about it too.   You see she misses Chinese food as well but also like me in a remote area for Asian groceries.


I’m also happy that they are carrying so many variety now because the Asian students definitely would love it and I try my best to get them some when i am up in the city.


They also started to carry snacks from home – but this is not the Calbee brand that i’m used to – but beggars can’t be choosers right?   They were pretty good – but not as good as Calbee brand if you asked me – but yes – i would still buy them.


I’m hoping they will carry on bringing more new stuff for the Asian Grocery section – hurray ! for SuperSTore!!  you ROCK!

Chinese Combos

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review,Useful Links | Monday 12 July 2010 2:42 pm


I never thought i would have so much fun with combos – since we don’t have combos back home – in a real chinese restaurant back home – combos are not in the menu whatsoever.  It is very popular though in the west – not only in Canada but in USA and UK as well. Not so much in UK these days because you can get real authentic Chinese food – just about anywhere in London now and not forgetting their best acne treatment as well.  Girlfriend in London swears by it.


Anyhow – local Chinese restaurant in town – New Century Restaurant down at Main Street is one of the most authentic Chinese food you can find in this town.   Food is fresh and the owner is very accommodating – and really honest.   I ordered this combo – Combo # 11 – that comes with a freshly made egg roll, some sweet and sour chicken balls, honey spare ribs, chicken chow mein (my favorite – vegggies!) and lots of fried rice.   The fried rice is soft and fluffy and never dry – unlike some i’ve tasted and everything is fresh – you can taste it.   Their take out menu is extensive – check out their website : These people – the staff at the restaurant – treat you with respect and whether your order is small or huge – they are very nice to you.  Plus – if you are not pleased with their food or they got your food wrongly – they would even deliver a new order right up to your doorstep – talk about good service eh – you don’t get very much of those these days.

Sliders From Cafe World

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Canadian,My Musing,Western | Friday 9 July 2010 11:58 am


i saw these at the local grocery store in town and the first thing that came to my mind was …?????


yes ! cafe world’s sliders! !!! hehehe!!  addict much ??  PB asked me… hahhhha!! yes! yes! i’ve been playing  Cafe World of late and donch seems to be moving upwards very much.   But if you have been playing cafe world – you will understand how amused i was to have seen the above mini – burgers.


Nah ! i didn’t buy any.  What would i do with them?  unless i have a BBQ party for kids – this would work good – mini burgers – or sliders as they are called.

Fresh Strawberries

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Fruits | Thursday 8 July 2010 11:11 am


We were out to Dayton on Sunday a few weeks ago  – getting plastic bags for the store – because our supplier didn’t have any in stock at the moment, plus i also wanted to see the lady at the drug store to ask her how to treat acne for my dear niece from home.   So after waiting it out for weeks – without bags – only recycled ones to give to our customer/s – we finally broke down and went out in search of it.   As we got outta our car – the awesome smell of fresh strawberries was all over the car park and at 3.99 a quart – i was darn tempted to buy some.


I kid you not – the strawberries smelled so nice – i was really tempted to get some but already bought some from Sobeys earlier this week.  The next time i think of getting fresh strawberries – i’ll have to remember this place in Dayton.


Yums!  we don’t get to see strawberries as sweet and big as these back home – the only place i’ve seen strawberries so awesome were in Japan – I’m sure – Lina Tai can attest to that.

Thai Chicken Wrap

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review | Wednesday 7 July 2010 10:54 am


So we had to order fish and chips for Chloe a few weeks ago – and since we no longer patronize the place we used to order fish and chips – we now go to Jungle Jims instead.  The main reason why we didn’t order from Jungle Jim’s before was because they were at Starrs Road and we are at Main Street and as you know we are constantly busy at the store – or doing our online work – it makes it convenient to order it from the one downtown.  But since a few months ago, we stop going to the usual place because we no longer choose to support this business – we are now at Jungle Jim’s every time we need fish and chips. Plus did I tell you,  we’ve always like the decor of Jungle Jim’s and wonder where they had gotten their  porch lights from – you see they recently re-decorated their patio because during the summer – the patio is open to the public and it does make good business sense – since we all love an outdoor dining once in a while especially with kids.


And since at Jungle Jim’s – they also have food that I would eat – i ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap as well a few weeks ago.   While they advertise that 2 can eat for $12.99 – it is actually 3 can eat for $12.99  for us.  As usual – Jungle Jim’s at Starrs Road has food for great value – the Thai Chicken Wrap had a tangy taste and the chicken was  ALOTTTT!!!  it was yummy .. unfortunately, i’m not a french fries gal – the next time I will ask for some greens instead – i’m sure they are gonna be ok with it.  Ordering on the phone for take-outs with Jungle Jim’s is a breeze – the gals are swell – they are very kind and their fish and chips?  excellente !

TonKotsu Flavour Japanese Noodles

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Tuesday 6 July 2010 3:02 pm


Found this Tonkotsu flavor noodle at our local supermarket and had to try it lah – of course!  Tonkotsu flavor is supposedly to be some kind of pork flavored with onion in a Japanese restaurant or a Ramen store in Japan.  For those who are not aware of this – i lived in Tokyo for like 6 months – for work.  No, no silly – i wasn’t teaching or anything like that – but was brought in as a Task Force group for a luxury hotel in Central Tokyo. So when it comes to eating good food – you know I’ve done a lot of it while traveling around the world.

So the Tonkotsu flavored Ramen from Nissin was pretty good  – i really like it but you have to be careful about the noodles because if you cooked it more than 2 mins after boiling – it becomes quite soggy.  The Tonkotsu flavor was so good – even Chloe ate it one day.   So for those wondering if you should try – it go right ahead – the spices included a  regular packet of powder form base soup but also camp with an oil packet with onions in it – it was yummilicious.

Jamaica Rum For Father’s Day

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Drinks,My Musing,Useful Links | Monday 5 July 2010 12:12 pm


Haha! i know what you are thinking about  😛  you are all thinking that PB drinks rum eh?  well – no – silly – PB donch drink nothing except water.  Yes ! plain cold water – no coffee and no tea – very little pop and very little juice.  Well, he does drink chocolate milk too occasionally but nope – no beer, no wine nor any hard liquor.   So he doesn’t need any nuphedragen – although someone I know – needs it badly  but i ain’t gonna say nothing – you know whose doctor said she is obese – muahahha!!


The rum is for Chloe’s grampie on Father’s day – yes – he has a small cup whenever he pleases but why buy him something he won’t use or drink right?  gotta buy the man what he wants – he had mentioned it on Mother’s Day – that he could use some rum when he finished his dessert then.  So i made a note to get him some on Father’s Day which was about a month apart.  PB had wanted to get a smaller bottle – but i had insisted on getting a bigger one – hahha!!  that’s how i am – but with myself – when i wanna buy something for myself – i have to think a long time before getting any. Weird or what?  are you like me – cheap on yourself but generous to others?

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