It had been a very busy morning for us this morning – i didn’t even have time to sit and eat till almost 11.15am.  You see  this morning – we had some big shot  from out of town  come over to pick up the 55  Mac Pro  that they had ordered from us for the call center’s on-the-road employees.   So when we finally opened store at 11.15am – i was finally able to get over to Tim’s to order some breakfast.   I had been on the craving for cheese for some unknown reason – and the gals suggested some egg salad with my cheese croissant – but i didn’t want cheese croissant coz’ i have croissants at home and had them last nite – sinful!


So the gals suggested a cheese bagel with egg salad instead – but look !! they gave me lots of vegies!!!  they must know i’m a vegie freak!!  lol!! love the gals and the only handsome guy at Tim’s !!    if you know him – you would love him !!  he has perfect skin!! and perfect color hair.   Anyhow – food was great.. and if you haven’t tried this combination – go ahead and try it – i had a really good breakfast that last for hours.  I know a bagel loving and shopping queen who would love to sink her teeth into this bagel – hahhahaah!!!   Going for some wild mushroom soup this weekend.


  1. Lina

    Ya right, whenever i see Bagel always reminds me og Barb 😛 Lately, i’m going gaga over Subway, within a week i can have that for 4 times!

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