I was kinda curious as to how a cheddar cheese bagel would taste – so last month when i didn’t have time for breakfast from waking up late – i decided to order this instead of my regular – cinnamon raisin bagel with light cream cheese.  Verdict – it was pretty rich and it has a rich taste of cheese – that’s for sure – in fact i find that the cheddar cheese bagel was a lot more filling than my regular one.  And the girls at Tim’s told me that if i were to order a BLT with this bagel – it would be the same price at $3.39.


So here you have it – light cream cheese on Cheddar Cheese bagel and for someone who is not into cheese – i have to say i do like it.  So if you are in Canada – do try it – and don’t forget to tip the gals on the counter – you can tip them you know – if you appreciate the coffee they make for you everyday.


  1. You know, it was 11pm when I caught up with your food blog. And all these food pics is making me hungry. Now I can’t be cooking a pack of nissin noodles and eat just before midnight right? Sigh. Yumyum. I love cheese! And I love soggy nissin noodles. Heh, heh!

  2. Lina

    Barb, barb, this will make her go crazy…looks yummy especially with the cheese, i think i’ll like it

  3. Melanie

    Hey, thanks for the info on the bagel. I’ve been wondering about that.

    By the way, here’s a proofread version of your tagline:

    Je n’ai jamais pris mes calories de la nourriture qui est bonne pour moi.

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