I never thought i would have so much fun with combos – since we don’t have combos back home – in a real chinese restaurant back home – combos are not in the menu whatsoever.  It is very popular though in the west – not only in Canada but in USA and UK as well. Not so much in UK these days because you can get real authentic Chinese food – just about anywhere in London now and not forgetting their best acne treatment as well.  Girlfriend in London swears by it.


Anyhow – local Chinese restaurant in town – New Century Restaurant down at Main Street is one of the most authentic Chinese food you can find in this town.   Food is fresh and the owner is very accommodating – and really honest.   I ordered this combo – Combo # 11 – that comes with a freshly made egg roll, some sweet and sour chicken balls, honey spare ribs, chicken chow mein (my favorite – vegggies!) and lots of fried rice.   The fried rice is soft and fluffy and never dry – unlike some i’ve tasted and everything is fresh – you can taste it.   Their take out menu is extensive – check out their website : These people – the staff at the restaurant – treat you with respect and whether your order is small or huge – they are very nice to you.  Plus – if you are not pleased with their food or they got your food wrongly – they would even deliver a new order right up to your doorstep – talk about good service eh – you don’t get very much of those these days.


  1. Ehh Jan.. how come your small town has got so many chinese and asiany stuff? Where I live also dont have that much lo! gotta go further away!Looks delicious!

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