A month and a half ago – we were out shopping at the local supermarket here and to our surprised – pleasant one – of course to find that they are carrying more food from home. Woohoo!!  i was all excited of course – so Jenn, Lina and Barb  – if you are reading this – no need to send me chinese noodles no more – they have it here  – woohoo!!!   I was so excited about it – i stopped reading about how to treat acne when i got home – and called my girlfriend from home to let her know about it too.   You see she misses Chinese food as well but also like me in a remote area for Asian groceries.


I’m also happy that they are carrying so many variety now because the Asian students definitely would love it and I try my best to get them some when i am up in the city.


They also started to carry snacks from home – but this is not the Calbee brand that i’m used to – but beggars can’t be choosers right?   They were pretty good – but not as good as Calbee brand if you asked me – but yes – i would still buy them.


I’m hoping they will carry on bringing more new stuff for the Asian Grocery section – hurray ! for SuperSTore!!  you ROCK!


  1. MeiPY

    🙂 Just went to buy some noodles as well – have you tried ja jeung mein? The soyabean paste flavoured noodles – looks all black.

  2. Lina

    Ok ok next package i will include Calbee crackers! I will include also their potato chips, very shiok & no noodles for u 😛

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