Haha! i know what you are thinking about  😛  you are all thinking that PB drinks rum eh?  well – no – silly – PB donch drink nothing except water.  Yes ! plain cold water – no coffee and no tea – very little pop and very little juice.  Well, he does drink chocolate milk too occasionally but nope – no beer, no wine nor any hard liquor.   So he doesn’t need any nuphedragen – although someone I know – needs it badly  but i ain’t gonna say nothing – you know whose doctor said she is obese – muahahha!!


The rum is for Chloe’s grampie on Father’s day – yes – he has a small cup whenever he pleases but why buy him something he won’t use or drink right?  gotta buy the man what he wants – he had mentioned it on Mother’s Day – that he could use some rum when he finished his dessert then.  So i made a note to get him some on Father’s Day which was about a month apart.  PB had wanted to get a smaller bottle – but i had insisted on getting a bigger one – hahha!!  that’s how i am – but with myself – when i wanna buy something for myself – i have to think a long time before getting any. Weird or what?  are you like me – cheap on yourself but generous to others?

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  1. Margo

    I don’t bat an eyelid when spending on my boys or husband but on myself….I always think I can find something cheaper or get a better deal. They think I’m really weird.

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