We may not live in Toronto but our friends/customers who are there always bring back food for us from there or blogging friends from Toronto and Vancouver always send stuff to us – like Jenn and Stephanie.  Su Lee from the book store was in Toronto about a month ago – she had said she wanted to bring back some noodles for chloe but i joked with her that i prefer some fresh durian – hahhahaha!!  Su Lee didn’t bring back durian when she came back because they weren’t in season – but she brought us some mangoes & persimmons  – full of vitamins she said just for dear Chloe.   We are so blessed – friends/customers do take care of us – a lot!  by bringing back food and fruits and even durian – which Su Lee did one year – from Halifax – she is very, very awesome!   Everytime, Chloe goes to the bookstore – she offers a free book for Chloe – they are too sweet to her.


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