Don’t look like cherries right? but they are and very sweet too! yes – they came out of chloe’s grandparents’ garden from a few weeks ago. I had tried one or two – when we went to pick chloe up from her visit like 3 – 4 weeks ago.  Most cherries are bigger and red in color but these ones are orangy – i didn’t really asked why – but they are cherries alright.  I am guessing that cherries has got different kinds too.


  1. mary wong

    you make my mouth watered, cannot resist cherries, it is so very expensive & can only get the red type here. I love washington cherries which I ate once…

  2. Alice Kwek

    These orange colored cherries are called rainiers and those red ones are called bings, being different varietals.

  3. We have similar ones here in summer time, and they call them ‘white cherries’. I like them as well as the dark red ones, i found them sweeter.

  4. frances

    We call them *Rainier cherries* in the states..they are priced at $5 or $6 per pound. They are the sweetest cherries! 🙂

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