When i was younger or back home in Singapore – i used to love Quail Eggs.  I had often asked my mother when i was young – why she wouldn’t cook quail eggs instead of chicken eggs.  Not because they tasted any different – not to me anyhows – but they are just too cute.  Don’t you think so too?  I think not many over here had seen quail eggs – i had bought them like in May when i was up in the city and only took them out to eat because they were gonna expire soon.


I had them with my curry noodles and it was alright but one thing for sure – darn hard work to try and peel off the shell.  Now i understand why my mom wouldn’t cook quail eggs – hahahha!   I find quail eggs taste a wee bit different – what do you think..?? do you like quail eggs or regular ones..?


  1. kokoro

    MB, I just bought a carton of 12 quail eggs to cook ‘fu chok yee mai tong sui’ (dried bean curd sheets with barley). Yeah, it is a bit difficult to shell them after cooking. I love quail eggs very much.

  2. shirleyloo

    oohh..i like quail eggs too!!! they are just easier to pop in n chew 😉 i just had them im my steamboat yday hehe….but just have to be careful with their super high level of cholestrol loh…i heard it’s 8x normal egg’s cholestrol!! scary!

  3. MeiPY

    Yep definitely find them hard to peel! Quick to egg. But I think I like chicken eggs – because I’m a big eater… Heheheh

  4. I love quail eggs too. But when I was young, we couldn’t afford to eat quail eggs. 🙁 Anyway, I try to get it whenever i go to the Asian store in Boston now so that my kids are not deprived of the quail eggs. 😛

  5. snow

    I loved quail eggs when I was small, still loved them too. Like yours, my mum hardly cook quail eggs too probably for the same reason – hard to shell

  6. Lina

    Yes i love them! Shirley is right, cholestrol much much higher then normal eggs so dont take too much that often

  7. Jodi

    Boil the eggs in vinegar, it makes the peeling much easier. Be ready with a bowl and big spoon as the vinegar froths and can rise out of pot and make a big mess on the stove. The cholesterol in a quail egg is healthy and these eggs are good for dieting.

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