Singapore Curry from Prima Taste – all the way from home – came last year from UK – from a fan of this blog – thank you very much – Sherry.  I was craving bad for curry – awaiting for the laksa package from Jenn – in Toronto – she was so kind and sent me some – finally i went searching in my pantry and found this.  Thank God!!! i said.. and PB must have been relieved hahahah!!  when i crave for something from home – i get all crazy.


The thing about Prima Taste is – they have everything in the box for you – all the condiments and everything you need to cook – well, except for the meat.  So i don’t have to worry if i don’t have coconut powder or extra chilli sauce – i just have to dump everything into the pot and cook – no need for chicken stock like the other packages – from another brand.  In other words – expensive – but really easy to make.


So i started cooking –  and it really took less than 20 mins – no prep time or anything – but i wished i had some tau pok and some bean sprouts but never mind lah – eggs and chicken also can.


So i had some beehoon and the curry and chicken and yums!!   I cannot tell you how much blessing this blog has brought me – not only do i get to work online and anywheres i am – make money – but most importantly – i’ve met so many wonderful, wonderful selfless people.  There are good people in this world – you just need to look out for them.  Have you met any wonderful people of late?  if you have – did you say thank you for being my friend and being there for you.  So here – i take this opportunity to thank all my friends – online and offline – thank you for being such wonderful friends – for the last 7 years – yes! that’s how long i’ve been blogging and you know who you all are.


  1. MeiPY

    Must try this curry some time. I keep seeing it and don’t know if I should buy it or not. My parents always use curry paste or pre-made sauces in a jar (which I use). 😀

  2. kokoro

    MB, I would like to take this opportunity her to thank you too for uploading all these wonderful videos for all of us to watch. I can’t thank you enough, truth be told!

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