i saw these at the local grocery store in town and the first thing that came to my mind was …?????


yes ! cafe world’s sliders! !!! hehehe!!  addict much ??  PB asked me… hahhhha!! yes! yes! i’ve been playing  Cafe World of late and donch seems to be moving upwards very much.   But if you have been playing cafe world – you will understand how amused i was to have seen the above mini – burgers.


Nah ! i didn’t buy any.  What would i do with them?  unless i have a BBQ party for kids – this would work good – mini burgers – or sliders as they are called.


  1. shirley loo

    LOL LOL LOL!!! yes yes…very addicted liao i can see 😉 u climb up so fast actually MB, u even cut n ahead of kyle n my hub!! hahahaa…. when i see food i see CW hohohoho…

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