A few weeks ago – we had baked spaghetti supreme from Pizza Delight – this time – we wanted spaghetti too but with the italian meatball instead with extra mushrooms – because the brat didn’t wanna eat cheese.  They didn’t charge us any extras for the extra mushrooms and it was such an good meal – Chloe and I ate and still had some leftovers for the next day.


We paid like $8 for the take out meal – and it was really good – the sauce was rich and most importantly even chloe loved it.  Don’t be deceived by the small looking container because they were packed so full – it was like me eating for $3.50 and Chloe $2.00 portions with another $2.50 leftover for the next day.  As usual the service was quick and we were outta the restaurant within 15mins.


  1. shirleyloo

    good thing chloe likes spaghetti…they are very nutritious healthy noodle. I just wish kyle would eat some haiz…anyway, looks real generous eh their portion??? maybe its the meatballs that made u full huh? 😉

  2. this look like a very small portion to me wo!! I can have this for breakfast or supper lol!! Im a pig @.@

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