Found this Tonkotsu flavor noodle at our local supermarket and had to try it lah – of course!  Tonkotsu flavor is supposedly to be some kind of pork flavored with onion in a Japanese restaurant or a Ramen store in Japan.  For those who are not aware of this – i lived in Tokyo for like 6 months – for work.  No, no silly – i wasn’t teaching or anything like that – but was brought in as a Task Force group for a luxury hotel in Central Tokyo. So when it comes to eating good food – you know I’ve done a lot of it while traveling around the world.

So the Tonkotsu flavored Ramen from Nissin was pretty good  – i really like it but you have to be careful about the noodles because if you cooked it more than 2 mins after boiling – it becomes quite soggy.  The Tonkotsu flavor was so good – even Chloe ate it one day.   So for those wondering if you should try – it go right ahead – the spices included a  regular packet of powder form base soup but also camp with an oil packet with onions in it – it was yummilicious.

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  1. MeiPY

    Ah, I really love this flavour! The soup is really nice – different from the other flavours. Have you tried the miso one?

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