Beef & Broccoli Combo

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This is usually my Saturday dinner  – why? because Saturday nights are the nights I get to stay at the store at night and look after the store – because they have gaming at the store – Magic the Gathering.  So you all know i’m trying hard to eat healthy right but very limited healthy food – and plus Saturday night’s you cannot ask the Zhu’s to cook special food what – coz’ they have a buffet on – and therefore very busy.   So i choose combo 1 with beef and broccoli instead of chicken balls – to try my darnedest to eat healthy lor.  And no i usually never finish the rice – i only eat lots of vegies  – and some rice – the rest of the rice – i leave it for the next day – if not it would be thrown out.   So you see – really not easy to eat healthy here eh.

Bloggers Love Free Stuff

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So over the weekend I read about the big boo – ha around Asia – where some claimed that bloggers love to go out eating for free!  wow!!  awesome!!  but truth be told bloggers are very privileged people especially those in Asia.  Why?  they always get invited for food tasting and they have so many things going on for bloggers in Asia.  But it is not only food bloggers in Asia who gets all the attention but famous bloggers like Wendy Cheng aka Xia Xue gets to go on trips to UK and Kuala Lumpur for advertorial purposes too.  So yes! bloggers are very privileged group of people – we love the attention.


Someone asked me during the weekend if I too get free stuff and eat for free ?  or get invited for food tasting?  Yes I get all sorts of free stuff from snow globes to snowmean and even snow boots last year from my advertisers to try them out and give my honest opinions about it.  What else do I get?  bird feeders – snow jackets and mittens – kids snow boots and PB got a shoe one time from one advertiser as well – a $200 shoe sent to us all the way from USA.   Awesome much..??  can’t really asked for more being a blogger eh.  It’s all the fun ! and all the trying out new stuff.  As for food – yes ! i get paid to EAT!! and i make lots of friends from all over the world.  Did you know that food bloggers in our community sends me food all the time? well, not only food bloggers for me – fans of this blog – who turned into great friends.  If you don’t know by now – you should go back and read all my post – my chloe gets all sorts of dresses from all over – we never really have to buy anything for her.


Anyhow – I’ve been reading Lady Iron Chef’s blog for a long, long time now – and his blog was a finalist for the Nuffnang blog awards held last year.  I’ve even commented many a times before I had my own food blog and I know – he is not what they had reported him to be.   An advertorial with Brad I heard range from approximately $1K to $2K – so – you think he is so el cheapo to ask for free food ?  I sincerely don’t like the way Private Affairs PR handled the situation with the press  – food tasting definitely means – come for a complimentary meal.  Can you imagine – if my advertisers were to send me a snow boots for a free trial  – and only to be asked to pay for it – when it arrived in the mail or being charged to my credit card?  obviously Brad is right to be a wee bit upset – but he was gracious enough to pay for his friends’ meals.  This is definitely the first – i’ve heard a restaurant inviting you for a food tasting to be told you had to pay !  Quite the mis – handling if i may say and definitely the first !  so i applaud Wendy Cheng aka Xia Xue for standing up for Brad – good for her!  Once again – I have not seen or heard of any bloggers to take advantage of any situation nor advertisers – bloggers have an invisible code of ethics and we write what we really feel about the product we are testing/tasting.  I’m one privileged blogger myself and I’m grateful to be working with so many great advertisers and tasting food from all over the world despite the fact that I’m in a small town in Canada.


Fish & Chips @ Mern’s

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Fish and Chips at Mern’s is definitely value for money – this portion is already a portion that had been taken out to feed chloe – and look at all the fish left.  In fact, it was too much for even PB – he only finished one piece and I had the other half – there were 2.5 pieces of fish and they were huge!   We have been trying Fish & Chips all over town and these are pretty good.   Love the french fries !!!  really yummy!! and the oil they used must be fresh too – you don’t taste old oil in these french fries that’s for sure.  So yes ! thumbs up for Mern’s  – we will be trying other things from Mern’s that’s for sure.

PS :  Phone call to order from Mern’s went very well too – they were very polite and explained their dishes over the phone.

Special Gift Package From Toronto

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I’ve said this many times – but i’m saying it again – just in case some of you are new to my blog.  This blog or blogging has brought me so much joy – not only because of the gifts we’ve received throughout the years – but the many friendship I’ve made on this blog.  About 10 days ago – we received this package from Toronto from Jenn & Chapman from & .  This young couple from Toronto drives a  BMW !!!  and have their own career plus they blog!   and this young couple just got engaged and getting married next year!


This is not the first time that Jenn had sent me food and gifts – she is a awesome and very kind gal – I can’t wait to crash her wedding next year.  Hopefully, Lina and Barb can come to Toronto for a meet up next year eh.


In this 10 Kg box – there are lots of goodies – food, spices and gifts for Chloe as well.  Chloe was so excited to open the box – she thought it was from her Auntie Kai Mah – muahahhahaha!!!


Lots of soft toys for chloe.


And a boxful of Hello Kitty stuff.


And lots of yummy marshmallows!!  she loved it!


She ate some of them immediately – luckily we waited till Chloe was feeling better before opening the box – hahhaha!!!


There were pork floss in the box and lots of cuttlefish snacks and plums !!  yummy!!




Lots of gifts for Chloe!


Lovely pictures of Jenn and Chapman – that I’ve requested and they are up on my wall now.


Bracelet for chloe and her soft toys.  Thank you so much Jenn & Chapman!!  both of you are too kind!  we are so blessed!

Steak & Cheese

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So I told you the Zhu’s were away for 10 days right?  and since there isn’t really much healthy stuff to eat around here – without spoiling my diet – i chose to eat subway again – but this time i ordered Steak and Cheese.


PB chose Parmesan bread for me – because that was what i used to eat – besides the deli sandwiches – but as you can see a 6″ is hugeeeee..!!!  can’t finish lah of course.


The Steak & Cheese was very yummy!  I had tomatoes, onion and olives and some pepper on my sandwich – yummy yummy!!   What is your favorite subway sandwich ?  are you like some people who loves all the dressing..??  dripping in their sandwich..??

Scallop Sausages

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I know that some people love to taste food at their grocery stores and I’m all for it – but for us – we only taste the food that we figured we might like.  Like PB – he won’t taste prawns/shrimps – and for me – i won’t taste beef.  So when the local grocery store had scallop sausages for food tasting – i had some – but not chloe nor PB.  It was pretty good and the best part is ………………


Yes! per sausage is only 80 calories !!! even less then a sausage muffin from Macdonalds!  woohoo!! it was expensive at about $10.99 + tax.   But nevermind lah – i still bought it – only 80 calories – i can eat without feeling guilty.  Anyhow – my only beef – i don’t like using too much oil in cooking it – but it sticks to my non-stick wok – so very ugly looking lor after cooking – unlike the perfect ones at the food tasting – hahah!!  Yes! these days – gotta look at the food/nutrition labels before buying anything or putting anything into my mouth – what about you ?  do you read labels too..??  Have you tried something healthy lately?  share, share lah!

PS :  Oopsie! forgot to tell you – how it taste eh – yummy!!  like scallop – but I think i really like the salmon sausage better – so the next time i’m buying the salmon one – but the salmon one is a bit more calories – that was the reason why i chose scallop instead.

Salad With Your Meals

Posted by mamabok | Appetizers,Health,Vegies | Monday 23 August 2010 6:48 pm


If you are thinking i only had salad for my lunch – then you see me got up lah! hahahha!!  nope – i’m not that disciplined even though i should – but losing weight – for health purpose doesn’t mean you stop eating everything – but making healthier choices.  As for me – I have a salad – with the dressing on the side – that way – i don’t have to eat excessive amounts of calories – and then i have a small plate of spaghetti with meatballs.   The salad helps fill me up and I don’t crave for as much carb as I would if i didn’t have any greens – what about you?  what kinda tricks do you use?

Snack Attack

Posted by mamabok | Shopping,Snacks,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Saturday 21 August 2010 3:23 pm


Christmas come early?  hehe!  no silly – it’s just me doing my christmas gift preview because if you know me – you will know what a procrastinator i can be and get – ask Lina – if you don’t believe me – our maple syrup is still here in Canada and not sent.  So whenever I see some good offers – I will think ahead of what gifts to send for friends and relatives from away.

This year – I’ve decided to start early – looking out for gifts for different people who are important to our family.  You see – these people touched our life so much because of all their unconditional love and giving.  If you have been following this blog – you will know how much gifts we received from people from all over the world.  From Australia to Netherlands – USA as well and all over Asia – even the postman/post master would tell us how loved we are.  Yes we are very blessed, therefore – it is also time to give back – and snacks like the above – is always a welcome gift for the entire family during Christmas – healthy and enjoyable – what do you think?

Vegetarian Pot

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You are probably feeling my pain without the Zhu’s hahahha!! yes!  now i really have to cook all my meals – can’t even be lazy for the last 10 days.   I decided to cook a vegetarian pot one evening – that way – we can have it with rice the next day – instead of feeding the poor kid with fish and chips again.


We have fu chuk (dried bean curd), chinese mushrooms, baby corn, button mushrooms and tofu – pretty easy to cook – and just stew it for 45mins or longer if you wish.  Oysters sauce, dark soya sauce, sesame oil and garlic – stir fry together – and stew them for 45 mins – pretty easy.   We had a few meals from this pot and you don’t have to have rice with it – you can have noodles with them too.  Yes ! i did feed chloe with some meat – hahahah!!!  but she eats so little meat – we almost have to force feed her.

Subway Sandwiches

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The Zhu’s were away for the last 10 days for vacation – but i have to still try and eat healthy right?  so subway it was for a day or two. Afterall, we’ve all seen the advertisement where this guy was so huge and he ate subway for months and lost all his weight right?  do you remember that advert?


I ordered the egg and ham deli with tomatoes, olives and onions – no dressing of course but i only ate half the eggs – too much eggs is no good – high cholesterol right?  You know i have no problem with my eating in the mornings and afternoon – it’s the  night time – that i get tempted – so i’m gonna have to work harder on that part.


Some ppl asked why can’t you eat fruits at nite?  i can – but fruits got its own sugar too – and too much isn’t good.  I tried nuts too – but darn dry lor!  very hard on the tummy i find.  But i will continue to try  – that’s for sure.

Fish Bee Hoon

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food Review,Friendship,Health,My Musing | Wednesday 18 August 2010 2:36 pm


Fish bee hoon for lunch everyday – with the help of the Zhu’s from New Century restaurant.  But they have been away for almost 9 days now for a vacation – so I am not able to eat that – but once they return – i’m going to be start with my fish beehoon again.  Told yer – i’m pretty serious about my health.  Now you will agree with me – that nothing is more important than our health right..?

Baked Salmon

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Two weeks ago – i had gone for routine check up and learned that i had put on weight.  I pride myself as one who is also pro-active and never ever say die – so i did what i know best and changed my eating habits a little.  Not too much but a little.  So it’s fish for me 3 times a week now and baked salmon.  It’s so easy – at 425 F at 12 mins and let it sit in the oven for another 15mins with a small bowl of beehoon or udon.  Plus no more timbits in the morning now and fruits for snacks only.  So two weeks later – i feel a lot healthier – and happier too.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Treat

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Summer time are best time for soft serve ice cream and PB loves his soft serve ice cream most – not just any kind but must be chocolate – and Farmers has the best ice cream around town.  Not cheap mind you – but one has gotta treat oneself eh every now and then.


The shop is a little ways away from town – and we try and drive by there on the weekends – afterall, it’s our only time off.


This is the size of a small cone – can you imagine a big one?  Chloe can’t finish it – so we’ll get a cup and a spoon to scoop half out and I will eat them while PB orders a medium size one.  How one can finish so much ice cream is amazing.. muahhaha!!!


And i’m very proud of my chloe – because she never ask for a lot of sweets – even ice cream – she eats in moderation and she knows – she doesn’t wanna get sick.

Cheese Steak

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Western | Friday 13 August 2010 11:17 am


While PB and Chloe loves their fish and chips – i on the other hand love to try different things – so a few weeks ago – while at Jungle Jims – i tried the cheese steak.  And once again – forgotten to ask for a salad instead of french fries – so the french fries went to waste because i never eat them.  As for the Cheese Steak – it was the yummiest – the steak were well marinated and cooked just nice.  I had a very filling meal that day!  told yer i never waste my calories on bad food..   heheh!!

Butter Chicken In A Box

Posted by mamabok | Fast Food,Food Review,Frozen Food,Health,My Musing | Thursday 12 August 2010 1:53 pm


I’ve learned very quickly that if you cannot get the real thing while you are away from home – you get the next best thing when you can.   I don’t normally eat frozen food anymore – used to many years ago – but not anymore now that chloe is a lot older and we get to go out more often.


But once in a while it’s great to eat some curry without having to cook a whole pot of it.   It wasn’t bad at all – and plus they had a coupon of $0.50 off .  Verdict :  too yummy!!  i might get into a habit – but i’m trying not to.

Chicken Spaghettis

Posted by mamabok | Pasta | Wednesday 11 August 2010 1:33 pm


I love my carbs! and when Lina said she rarely take rice no more – i’m put to shame coz’ i need my carbsssssssss…!!!  but i really try to be healthy – i put in the leanest chicken minced into my spaghetti sauce and have lots of mushrooms in it. Spaghettis are such easy meal to make but i only eat them once in a while because Chloe and PB doesn’t like it that much.  I love mine with some cheddar cheese and lots of tabasco sauce – can’t eat them with my tabasco sauce.    What about you?  how many of you love your pasta?  i prefer my red/tomato sauce then white creamy ones.

Sweet Potatoes Fries

Posted by mamabok | Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Western | Tuesday 10 August 2010 12:14 pm


I have a weakness for sweet potatoes fries – i think it is because of the Veggie Tempuras that I loved.  But baked ones are a lot better and healthier eh.  A few weeks ago – while at a local cafe – they had a choice of sweet potatoes fries or french fries.  We had order a side dish for sweet potatoes fries but they had mistaken that we wanted that instead of french fries and we had to order another side order of french fries for the brat – she wouldn’t touch the sweet potatoes fries.  Bummer !  but never mind – next time we will know better and the waitress and the cook was really sweet – so no biggie.  But i loved and missed the fluffy Veggie tempuras i can get from home – PB always order those when we eat Japanese.  And yes – it was with Fish and “Chips”.

Foot Long Hot Dog

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,BBQ,My Musing,Western | Monday 9 August 2010 11:31 am


Foot long hot dog anyone?   During Seafest a few weeks ago – they had some sort of carnival going on – nothing like the ones from home or Australia – but something for the kids and parents to enjoy.  And during summer time you get a lot of very enterprising people selling hot dogs too.  Not a bad price that’s for sure – and if you like hot dogs like I do – you may want to try it.  I didn’t this time – because I just had breakfast not too, too long ago.


Look at how long the hot dog was – hahah!!  pretty cool eh! i like it all burnt up – what about you ..??  I missed the Tuesdays Coney Dog from A&W back home – i used to wait for Tuesdays just to get that Coney Dog – do they still have it back home now?   I remember sneaking them into the movies and stinking up the whole movie theatre -hahahah!! the people in there must have hated me  – hahahha!!  Coney Dogs are hot dogs with chilli on it.  Yummy!!!   But i rarely eat hot dogs anymore – coz’ i still prefer my favorite Coney Dog.  What about you ..??  Oh before i forget – honorable mention for Hot Dogs gotta be to Pinks Hot Dogs in Los Angeles – but darn expensive lor! and the queue very, very long.  Have you been to Pinks?

Frozen Chicken Chow Mein

Posted by mamabok | Fast Food,Food Review,The Brat | Friday 6 August 2010 6:04 pm


Many years ago – when Chloe was younger – she used to love this kind of  chicken chow mein – everytime we need to go on an outting – or if we didn’t have time to cook – we would buy chicken chow mein for her.  This is a different brand though – they don’t have the original brand no more.  You see PC is the local brand for Superstore i think – so if they use their own brand it would make more sense.    We haven’t eaten Frozen Chicken Chow Mein for years now – last week – when there was a special promotion on – i bought a box for Chloe.

Alas, they were full of tiny vegies – so tiny – i can’t even pick them out – and they were full of gravy – making it so saltish that the kid refused to eat.  So i had to cook a quick bowl of udon for her instead.  So for now – we won’t buy any chicken chow mein for Chloe – not that we buy a lot now anyways.  Ever since the Zhu’s opened their restaurant next to us – we had been eating there more often than buying frozen food – also for health reasons.

Maggi Curry Noodles

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Shopping | Thursday 5 August 2010 5:16 pm


A few weeks ago, I had written that one of our local supermarket – Superstore – started carrying a lot more food from home.  And i had left a note for the store manager to try and get some curry noodles instead of the ones they already have – because no one would buy it.   Guess what – last week we found some Maggie curry noodles !!! woohoo!!  although the packaging is different – i’m sure they are the same.  Of course, we bought some immediately.  But alas – i found out that my sugar had gone up – so i didn’t dare it them at all.  Bummer…!! nevermind – save for days when i miss home so much – i must have some.


Look familiar to you all??  oh .. btw – we never had curry noodles here at this store before – I had to go to Halifax to an Asian grocery store to get them.  Now if only they could bring some frozen chinese stuff – like Hai Gow, Siew Mah and Char Siew Pau !  that would be awesome..!!! or some lotus roots for my soup perhaps..??  One can always hope eh.

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