Steak & Cheese

So I told you the Zhu’s were away for 10 days right?  and since there isn’t really much healthy stuff to eat around here – without spoiling my diet – i chose to eat subway again – but this time i ordered Steak and Cheese. PB chose Parmesan bread for me – because that was … [Read more…]

Salad With Your Meals

If you are thinking i only had salad for my lunch – then you see me got up lah! hahahha!!  nope – i’m not that disciplined even though i should – but losing weight – for health purpose doesn’t mean you stop eating everything – but making healthier choices.  As for me – I have a … [Read more…]

Snack Attack

Christmas come early?  hehe!  no silly – it’s just me doing my christmas gift preview because if you know me – you will know what a procrastinator i can be and get – ask Lina – if you don’t believe me – our maple syrup is still here in Canada and not sent.  So whenever … [Read more…]

Vegetarian Pot

You are probably feeling my pain without the Zhu’s hahahha!! yes!  now i really have to cook all my meals – can’t even be lazy for the last 10 days.   I decided to cook a vegetarian pot one evening – that way – we can have it with rice the next day – instead of … [Read more…]

Baked Salmon

Two weeks ago – i had gone for routine check up and learned that i had put on weight.  I pride myself as one who is also pro-active and never ever say die – so i did what i know best and changed my eating habits a little.  Not too much but a little.  So … [Read more…]

Chicken Spaghettis

I love my carbs! and when Lina said she rarely take rice no more – i’m put to shame coz’ i need my carbsssssssss…!!!  but i really try to be healthy – i put in the leanest chicken minced into my spaghetti sauce and have lots of mushrooms in it. Spaghettis are such easy meal … [Read more…]

Sweet Potatoes Fries

I have a weakness for sweet potatoes fries – i think it is because of the Veggie Tempuras that I loved.  But baked ones are a lot better and healthier eh.  A few weeks ago – while at a local cafe – they had a choice of sweet potatoes fries or french fries.  We had order a side dish … [Read more…]

Foot Long Hot Dog

Foot long hot dog anyone?   During Seafest a few weeks ago – they had some sort of carnival going on – nothing like the ones from home or Australia – but something for the kids and parents to enjoy.  And during summer time you get a lot of very enterprising people selling hot dogs … [Read more…]

Frozen Chicken Chow Mein

Many years ago – when Chloe was younger – she used to love this kind of  chicken chow mein – everytime we need to go on an outting – or if we didn’t have time to cook – we would buy chicken chow mein for her.  This is a different brand though – they don’t … [Read more…]