This is usually my Saturday dinner  – why? because Saturday nights are the nights I get to stay at the store at night and look after the store – because they have gaming at the store – Magic the Gathering.  So you all know i’m trying hard to eat healthy right but very limited healthy food – and plus Saturday night’s you cannot ask the Zhu’s to cook special food what – coz’ they have a buffet on – and therefore very busy.   So i choose combo 1 with beef and broccoli instead of chicken balls – to try my darnedest to eat healthy lor.  And no i usually never finish the rice – i only eat lots of vegies  – and some rice – the rest of the rice – i leave it for the next day – if not it would be thrown out.   So you see – really not easy to eat healthy here eh.

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  1. kokoro

    That looked pretty healthy to me if you take away the rice of course! A good vegetable stir-fry is the way to go to stay healthy!

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