So over the weekend I read about the big boo – ha around Asia – where some claimed that bloggers love to go out eating for free!  wow!!  awesome!!  but truth be told bloggers are very privileged people especially those in Asia.  Why?  they always get invited for food tasting and they have so many things going on for bloggers in Asia.  But it is not only food bloggers in Asia who gets all the attention but famous bloggers like Wendy Cheng aka Xia Xue gets to go on trips to UK and Kuala Lumpur for advertorial purposes too.  So yes! bloggers are very privileged group of people – we love the attention.


Someone asked me during the weekend if I too get free stuff and eat for free ?  or get invited for food tasting?  Yes I get all sorts of free stuff from snow globes to snowmean and even snow boots last year from my advertisers to try them out and give my honest opinions about it.  What else do I get?  bird feeders – snow jackets and mittens – kids snow boots and PB got a shoe one time from one advertiser as well – a $200 shoe sent to us all the way from USA.   Awesome much..??  can’t really asked for more being a blogger eh.  It’s all the fun ! and all the trying out new stuff.  As for food – yes ! i get paid to EAT!! and i make lots of friends from all over the world.  Did you know that food bloggers in our community sends me food all the time? well, not only food bloggers for me – fans of this blog – who turned into great friends.  If you don’t know by now – you should go back and read all my post – my chloe gets all sorts of dresses from all over – we never really have to buy anything for her.


Anyhow – I’ve been reading Lady Iron Chef’s blog for a long, long time now – and his blog was a finalist for the Nuffnang blog awards held last year.  I’ve even commented many a times before I had my own food blog and I know – he is not what they had reported him to be.   An advertorial with Brad I heard range from approximately $1K to $2K – so – you think he is so el cheapo to ask for free food ?  I sincerely don’t like the way Private Affairs PR handled the situation with the press  – food tasting definitely means – come for a complimentary meal.  Can you imagine – if my advertisers were to send me a snow boots for a free trial  – and only to be asked to pay for it – when it arrived in the mail or being charged to my credit card?  obviously Brad is right to be a wee bit upset – but he was gracious enough to pay for his friends’ meals.  This is definitely the first – i’ve heard a restaurant inviting you for a food tasting to be told you had to pay !  Quite the mis – handling if i may say and definitely the first !  so i applaud Wendy Cheng aka Xia Xue for standing up for Brad – good for her!  Once again – I have not seen or heard of any bloggers to take advantage of any situation nor advertisers – bloggers have an invisible code of ethics and we write what we really feel about the product we are testing/tasting.  I’m one privileged blogger myself and I’m grateful to be working with so many great advertisers and tasting food from all over the world despite the fact that I’m in a small town in Canada.


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  1. MeiPY

    Hahah, so envious… I would love to get a lot of free stuff and be invited to test food. But if I became a blogger, I think I’ll be too lazy to update it all the time. Heheh.

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