I love my carbs! and when Lina said she rarely take rice no more – i’m put to shame coz’ i need my carbsssssssss…!!!  but i really try to be healthy – i put in the leanest chicken minced into my spaghetti sauce and have lots of mushrooms in it. Spaghettis are such easy meal to make but i only eat them once in a while because Chloe and PB doesn’t like it that much.  I love mine with some cheddar cheese and lots of tabasco sauce – can’t eat them with my tabasco sauce.    What about you?  how many of you love your pasta?  i prefer my red/tomato sauce then white creamy ones.


  1. Fiona

    definitely a pasta lover and has to be with sauce(any kind of sauce will do), it’s terrible. But love love pasta.

  2. Margo

    I love my carbs too! Wish I could be like Lina, maybe then I could shed some pounds but like I’ve always said to my ‘kwai loh’ husband, if I don’t have rice, after a couple of days my eyes would get round! LOL!!

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