Fish and Chips at Mern’s is definitely value for money – this portion is already a portion that had been taken out to feed chloe – and look at all the fish left.  In fact, it was too much for even PB – he only finished one piece and I had the other half – there were 2.5 pieces of fish and they were huge!   We have been trying Fish & Chips all over town and these are pretty good.   Love the french fries !!!  really yummy!! and the oil they used must be fresh too – you don’t taste old oil in these french fries that’s for sure.  So yes ! thumbs up for Mern’s  – we will be trying other things from Mern’s that’s for sure.

PS :  Phone call to order from Mern’s went very well too – they were very polite and explained their dishes over the phone.


  1. kokoro

    I love fish and chips! Yours above looked scrumptious! What a big serving of fish and chips…definitely value for money indeed! May I ask what kind of fish is that please?

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