Many years ago – when Chloe was younger – she used to love this kind of  chicken chow mein – everytime we need to go on an outting – or if we didn’t have time to cook – we would buy chicken chow mein for her.  This is a different brand though – they don’t have the original brand no more.  You see PC is the local brand for Superstore i think – so if they use their own brand it would make more sense.    We haven’t eaten Frozen Chicken Chow Mein for years now – last week – when there was a special promotion on – i bought a box for Chloe.

Alas, they were full of tiny vegies – so tiny – i can’t even pick them out – and they were full of gravy – making it so saltish that the kid refused to eat.  So i had to cook a quick bowl of udon for her instead.  So for now – we won’t buy any chicken chow mein for Chloe – not that we buy a lot now anyways.  Ever since the Zhu’s opened their restaurant next to us – we had been eating there more often than buying frozen food – also for health reasons.

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  1. soofen

    frozen ready made meals are always unhealthy cos of high calories~but never seen one with tiny bits of veggie~probably the factory needs to cut cost… haha

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