A few weeks ago, I had written that one of our local supermarket – Superstore – started carrying a lot more food from home.  And i had left a note for the store manager to try and get some curry noodles instead of the ones they already have – because no one would buy it.   Guess what – last week we found some Maggie curry noodles !!! woohoo!!  although the packaging is different – i’m sure they are the same.  Of course, we bought some immediately.  But alas – i found out that my sugar had gone up – so i didn’t dare it them at all.  Bummer…!! nevermind – save for days when i miss home so much – i must have some.


Look familiar to you all??  oh .. btw – we never had curry noodles here at this store before – I had to go to Halifax to an Asian grocery store to get them.  Now if only they could bring some frozen chinese stuff – like Hai Gow, Siew Mah and Char Siew Pau !  that would be awesome..!!! or some lotus roots for my soup perhaps..??  One can always hope eh.


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