I know that some people love to taste food at their grocery stores and I’m all for it – but for us – we only taste the food that we figured we might like.  Like PB – he won’t taste prawns/shrimps – and for me – i won’t taste beef.  So when the local grocery store had scallop sausages for food tasting – i had some – but not chloe nor PB.  It was pretty good and the best part is ………………


Yes! per sausage is only 80 calories !!! even less then a sausage muffin from Macdonalds!  woohoo!! it was expensive at about $10.99 + tax.   But nevermind lah – i still bought it – only 80 calories – i can eat without feeling guilty.  Anyhow – my only beef – i don’t like using too much oil in cooking it – but it sticks to my non-stick wok – so very ugly looking lor after cooking – unlike the perfect ones at the food tasting – hahah!!  Yes! these days – gotta look at the food/nutrition labels before buying anything or putting anything into my mouth – what about you ?  do you read labels too..??  Have you tried something healthy lately?  share, share lah!

PS :  Oopsie! forgot to tell you – how it taste eh – yummy!!  like scallop – but I think i really like the salmon sausage better – so the next time i’m buying the salmon one – but the salmon one is a bit more calories – that was the reason why i chose scallop instead.

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  1. shirleyloo

    woooowww…new product new product!!! what an innovation 😉 really smart lah the retailer nowadays hehe…glad u found sumthing that u like and within your food nutritiens MB…for me, I jz wollup anything I like loh..wanna gain weight mah ;-D

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