Christmas come early?  hehe!  no silly – it’s just me doing my christmas gift preview because if you know me – you will know what a procrastinator i can be and get – ask Lina – if you don’t believe me – our maple syrup is still here in Canada and not sent.  So whenever I see some good offers – I will think ahead of what gifts to send for friends and relatives from away.

This year – I’ve decided to start early – looking out for gifts for different people who are important to our family.  You see – these people touched our life so much because of all their unconditional love and giving.  If you have been following this blog – you will know how much gifts we received from people from all over the world.  From Australia to Netherlands – USA as well and all over Asia – even the postman/post master would tell us how loved we are.  Yes we are very blessed, therefore – it is also time to give back – and snacks like the above – is always a welcome gift for the entire family during Christmas – healthy and enjoyable – what do you think?

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  1. jessica

    it’s awesome that you find the time to give back to your family and friends and prepare all this so early! it’s nice that you don’t procrastinate 🙂

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