I’ve said this many times – but i’m saying it again – just in case some of you are new to my blog.  This blog or blogging has brought me so much joy – not only because of the gifts we’ve received throughout the years – but the many friendship I’ve made on this blog.  About 10 days ago – we received this package from Toronto from Jenn & Chapman from & .  This young couple from Toronto drives a  BMW !!!  and have their own career plus they blog!   and this young couple just got engaged and getting married next year!


This is not the first time that Jenn had sent me food and gifts – she is a awesome and very kind gal – I can’t wait to crash her wedding next year.  Hopefully, Lina and Barb can come to Toronto for a meet up next year eh.


In this 10 Kg box – there are lots of goodies – food, spices and gifts for Chloe as well.  Chloe was so excited to open the box – she thought it was from her Auntie Kai Mah – muahahhahaha!!!


Lots of soft toys for chloe.


And a boxful of Hello Kitty stuff.


And lots of yummy marshmallows!!  she loved it!


She ate some of them immediately – luckily we waited till Chloe was feeling better before opening the box – hahhaha!!!


There were pork floss in the box and lots of cuttlefish snacks and plums !!  yummy!!




Lots of gifts for Chloe!


Lovely pictures of Jenn and Chapman – that I’ve requested and they are up on my wall now.


Bracelet for chloe and her soft toys.  Thank you so much Jenn & Chapman!!  both of you are too kind!  we are so blessed!


  1. Lina

    Awwww….Jen is so sweet ! *sigh* my precious hokkaido package of goodies meant for Sweetie Kai Lui gone missing *sigh* *sigh**sigh*

  2. awww, so sweet of u jen! 😉 u are so blessed, jan….you’re the perfect example that karma REALLY does exist. 😀

  3. shirleyloo

    woohhoooo…really full of goodies eh!!! lil Chloe must be jumping high n low 😉 really nice of this sweet lovely couple…

    Lina-gone missing??? sure?? aiyoooo, maybe thy will trace back later? feel sorry for u .. such treasures u sent ;-(

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