So I told you the Zhu’s were away for 10 days right?  and since there isn’t really much healthy stuff to eat around here – without spoiling my diet – i chose to eat subway again – but this time i ordered Steak and Cheese.


PB chose Parmesan bread for me – because that was what i used to eat – besides the deli sandwiches – but as you can see a 6″ is hugeeeee..!!!  can’t finish lah of course.


The Steak & Cheese was very yummy!  I had tomatoes, onion and olives and some pepper on my sandwich – yummy yummy!!   What is your favorite subway sandwich ?  are you like some people who loves all the dressing..??  dripping in their sandwich..??


  1. Lina

    Lately i’m crazy over Subway ! I can have it 3-4 times a week. Give me any dressing, i will just EAT 🙂

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