I have a weakness for sweet potatoes fries – i think it is because of the Veggie Tempuras that I loved.  But baked ones are a lot better and healthier eh.  A few weeks ago – while at a local cafe – they had a choice of sweet potatoes fries or french fries.  We had order a side dish for sweet potatoes fries but they had mistaken that we wanted that instead of french fries and we had to order another side order of french fries for the brat – she wouldn’t touch the sweet potatoes fries.  Bummer !  but never mind – next time we will know better and the waitress and the cook was really sweet – so no biggie.  But i loved and missed the fluffy Veggie tempuras i can get from home – PB always order those when we eat Japanese.  And yes – it was with Fish and “Chips”.


  1. Margo

    Yum! the sweet potato fries look really delicious and cooked to perfection…sometimes they can look really brown and unappetizing. I prefer them to french fries anytime!

  2. ilovetvb

    Sweet potato fries are the best. My sons love them – better than french fries and much healthier.

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