You are probably feeling my pain without the Zhu’s hahahha!! yes!  now i really have to cook all my meals – can’t even be lazy for the last 10 days.   I decided to cook a vegetarian pot one evening – that way – we can have it with rice the next day – instead of feeding the poor kid with fish and chips again.


We have fu chuk (dried bean curd), chinese mushrooms, baby corn, button mushrooms and tofu – pretty easy to cook – and just stew it for 45mins or longer if you wish.  Oysters sauce, dark soya sauce, sesame oil and garlic – stir fry together – and stew them for 45 mins – pretty easy.   We had a few meals from this pot and you don’t have to have rice with it – you can have noodles with them too.  Yes ! i did feed chloe with some meat – hahahah!!!  but she eats so little meat – we almost have to force feed her.


  1. mary wong

    This is my favourite dish too, usually I make a big pot minus the fuchok (add when needed),pack into boxes then deep freeze. Healthy and yummy

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