Mushroom Soup

I had my favorite soup sometime last week and I just couldn’t resist it – even though it wasn’t even lunch time yet.   The gals at Tim’s had always been nice and always let me know whenever they do have mushroom soup – because they know it’s my favorite.   And the soup didn’t … [Read more…]

Diet Pepsi Lime

Since you all know that I’m diabetic – you should also know that I’m in constant search for the right kinda food and drinks that I can drink and eat.  So when I saw this at the bowling alley on the weekend – I cannot helped but take a picture of it to show you … [Read more…]

Chinese Soup Makes You Radiantly Beautiful

PB doesn’t know what he is missing when he refuses to drink the soup that i slow boiled for hours in a slow cooker.  If you all don’t know by now – drinking chinese soup on a regular basis – can make you look radiant.  Don’t believe me?  ask all my asian readers here – … [Read more…]

Chicken Pot Pie

We haven’t had a chicken pot pie for a long time – PB said it didn’t agree with his tummy sometimes – so when he stopped eating it – i too stopped because I can’t finish the entire thing – and I don’t like wasting food. Plus you will be surprised to know that a … [Read more…]

Beef Hor Fun

Are you surprised to see Beef Hor Fun on my blog?  heheh!!  I betcha are !  heheheh!!  we got connections!!!   Yes! I was lamenting to Mrs Zhu about not having hor fun here in this town and she said – “oh – we have hor fun! you wanna eat some?”  Of course , I wanted … [Read more…]