I don’t know if you noticed this – but I have a love for hotdogs – yes ! a weakness – even if I’ve had my lunch – I still cannot resist having a hotdog.  But as soon as I eat them – I know i will feel so guilty because I am not skinny like Chloe – so I am always on a look out for fat burners for women .  I kid you not!  if I could have it my way – I would be having hotdogs everyday.


And one of the reasons why I love summer is because I can have BBQ hotdogs !!!  i remember when I was a teenager and going for a movie at Cathay Cinema – they have an OJ there – and an A&W – do you remember?  yes – I would sneak a Coney Hotdog in there – and stink the whole cinema up!  hahaha!! those were the days!  and even though I can’t get hotdogs like the ones back home – these ones made by a friend, Mr B  – was still very good.


I only had one that day at Ellenwood Park for a birthday party – but I wished i could have more – but i already had lunch – so couldn’t stuff anymore into my face – hahaha!!  And if I had I would definitely need those fat burners! But I just love hotdogs – I never ever refuses one.   Plus good company and good food always goes hand in hand.   The next time I have a BBQ at my home – you know who is going to be the Executive Chef eh.


The skinny – minnie chloe – who doesn’t eat bread or hotdog *slap forehead*

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  1. I’m with you, Jan. Love hotdogs too. Yes, I remember the coney dogs from A&W. There used to be one near my school in Msia. Here in Oz, they serve hotdogs a.k.a. sausage sizzle with caramelized onions. Top with ketchup/tomato sauce or BBQ sauce.

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