At 45 – one has to take care of one’s health – and food/fruits that we eat everyday can help with our skin and I just found out that berries can be a girl’s best friend too – when it comes to anti-wrinkles.  Of course, you can use  anti wrinkle cream but if you love berries as much as I do  – well, you are in luck because blueberries are truly the best anti-aging food. Berries are said to have natural frutose sugar that can satisfy your longing for sweets and has enough fiber – that even a diabetic like me can absorb fewer calories when I am eating it.  So do I use an anti-aging cream besides eating berries – of course !  every time I buy a moisturizer – I make sure they have the anti-wrinkle ingredient in them – one cannot wait when it comes to taking care of oneself – so my mother used to say.


  1. Margo

    Love raspberries! Actually, I think asians do not have as many wrinkles as the westerners. Aren’t we lucky!

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