Are you surprised to see Beef Hor Fun on my blog?  heheh!!  I betcha are !  heheheh!!  we got connections!!!   Yes! I was lamenting to Mrs Zhu about not having hor fun here in this town and she said – “oh – we have hor fun! you wanna eat some?”  Of course , I wanted to eat some!!!  so she fried some hor fun with beef and broccoli for us and guess who loves it ??  CHLOE!!!!  yes ! the finicky eater loves hor fun!  to say she is not half-chinese – now who would think otherwise right?


The Hor Fun was yummilicious and we had it for another few more days but the zhu’s ran out of it for now and till they order some from the city – we will just have to look at pictures for now.  But yes!  I got to eat hor fun!  yums!


  1. i love hor fun with hot sauce! since i am in nyc, there is an abundance of it, so i think i take it for granted. i am not sure what i would do if it wasn’t readily available for me! you definitely give me a different perspective. =)

  2. Jerry

    ditto, hor fun is a staple in my family. I can remember vividly that one faithful outing with my father at his local eatery in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon. He ordered wonton soup and instead of mein, he asked for hor fun and I followed suit. It changed my eating habits forever. It was delicious! Hor fun Rocks!

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