President’s Choice is a local grocery brand in Canada – and they seems to be a lot more adventurous than most brands here – they bring you Asian food as well – and they are actually not bad.   And like I said always – if you cannot get the real thing here – you settle for the next best thing.  I haven’t had Chicken Biryani for a long, long time – maybe 5 yrs?  or more – i really can’t remember – and since it was on sale one Sunday – during our grocery shopping day – I bought a frozen pack @$2.99 – how can you go wrong right?


So this is how it looked like when you first take it outta the box – FROZEN!


A little peek at it – to open up the plastic top – and nuke it for 6 minutes.  As you can see there is some chicken in there and the biryani doesn’t looked too bad eh.


After taking it out of the microwave – this is how it looks like.  Not too bad still – for $2.99.


A bit of raisin as you can see – and some almond flakes?  maybe ?  so how did it taste?  pretty good – very rich – lots of curry – not so much biryani taste – but definitely curry.  Very little meat as you can see – but filling for sure.  But rich!!  really rich !! about 500 calories in this box of chicken biryani – so one cannot eat this too often either.   And for those who needs their vegies and meat – I don’t think this would satisfy them either.   But it wasn’t a bad deal at all – just that i wouldn’t risk eating it everyday – for fear of putting on too much weight but once in a blue moon sure – it was not bad.


  1. kokoro

    Looks pretty good from the pictures above but 500 calories a box! That’s a bit too rich for me too! I would love to have a taste of it anyhow….just to satisfy my cravings for nasi biryani…haven’t tasted this dish for a long time.

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