Since you all know that I’m diabetic – you should also know that I’m in constant search for the right kinda food and drinks that I can drink and eat.  So when I saw this at the bowling alley on the weekend – I cannot helped but take a picture of it to show you all – new type of pepsi anyone?  according to Mr B – he liked it.  I haven’t tried it yet – because all diet stuff taste funny – i rather not drink them – because the after taste is horrid.  But since Mr B said it is good – I’m gonna try it soon and let you know how I feel.  Anyone tried it yet?


  1. I recall a few years ago Diet Coke had something similar too, with either lemon or lime. Haven’t seen it around now. Agree, diet softies can have a bad after-taste.

  2. i’ve tried the diet coke with lemon and it was OK. i personally prefer putting fresh lime or lemon in my drinks. i used to feel that way about diet drinks too, but once you get used to it, regular soft drinks will taste too sweet. i prefer diet sodas over regular sodas now…

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