Jenn from in Toronto had sent me a box of food about a month ago – if you remember?  a 10KG box to be exact and i had seen this candies at the bottom of the box – but didn’t think much of it.  I was also wondering if the candies were for Chloe maybe?  only to find out much later – that they were durian candies !!!  so thoughtful of Jenn –  you see I can’t get durian here – so to get my “fix” she sent some durian candies!  I had 2 of them already – due to health reasons I can’t eat too many sweets.  Plus if i took all of them at once – I would need some acne treatments that work coz`i heard that eating too much durian candies can cause acne?  Not sure if it is true – but I don’t want any acne – hahhaa!! At 45 – can’t imagine having them and would be hard to get rid of eh.  But thanks to Jenn – I got to cure some of my cravings.


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